Power Take Off

NACD power take-off units are a reliable workhorse around the globe. They utilize a heavy duty, over center, gear tooth clutch which provides smooth operation while remaining engaged or disengaged until the operator changes mode. They are designed to SAE quality standards for use with all gas and diesel engines providing greater durability and performance life.

These units are commonly used for wood chippers, blowers, vacuums, conveyors, mixers, irrigation pumps and rock crushers. Ultimately, they are a great fit for any application that requires a disconnect clutch between the engine and working implement.

Small Engine

NACD small engine power take-off units are designed for gas and diesel engines having a shaft output. These PTOs utilize a 5.50” over center clutch and range in torque capacities of 100-160 lb/ft. This clutch is well suited for pumps, compressors, mobile equipment, conveyors and other applications where a disconnect clutch is required.

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Gear Box

NACD gearboxes are designed to offer a variety of gear ratios and hydraulic pump adapters to match your hydraulic system. They are built with a clutched input or splined drive plate direct mount. Reduction and increaser gear ratios on outputs and output rotation options are available.

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Over Center

NACD over center clutches range in sizes from 4.5″ to 18″ and come standard with bronze release bearings, geared tooth fiber friction material or internally splined driven member. Options include ball style release bearings and sintered iron friction material.

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Spring Loaded

These NACD power take-off units use a spring-loaded clutch rather than an over center type clutch. The spring-loaded clutch compensates for normal wear which reduces maintenance time and costs in applications with a high frequency of clutch engagements. The shaft within the spring loaded power take-off is splined to accept a driven member assembly. A heavy duty throw out bearing is employed in conjunction with the spring-loaded clutch.

Spring-loaded clutches use single plate clutches on flat flywheels. They are available in 9”, 10”, 11”, 12” and 13” sizes. These spring-loaded units have been used for years in a variety of gas and diesel powered applications such as wood chippers, stump grinders, agricultural equipment, and irrigation pumps.

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