Industrial Clutches

NACD is a leading manufacturer of clutches, clutch systems, and power take-off assemblies and we’re the preferred producer for many OEM accounts. Our products are designed with innovation, assembled with precision and tested for quality in our Machesney Park, Illinois facility. Plus, we have well-stocked warehouses in Illinois, Arkansas, and California.

We maintain a global system of well-trained, Authorized NACD Industrial Distributors that provide excellent service and have on-hand inventory, so parts are available when you need them.


Compact, powerful and durable, NACD LOC over center clutches are available in 450 and 550 series with bronze or optional ball style release bearings. These clutches are designed to run with either oil or grease lubrication. Our LOCs are single plate clutches featuring a driving cup with pilot and release bearings. They are easily installed in agricultural machinery, conveyors, grinders and many other types of equipment where a disconnect clutch is required.

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Tough, versatile and loaded with options—our mechanical clutches are essential for your light or heaviest-duty jobs. These highly durable and reliable clutches have been trusted for years in a variety of gas or diesel-powered trucks, road building equipment, agricultural tractors, lift trucks, industrial power units, and many specialized wheeled vehicles.

NACD mechanical clutches are available in sizes from 5 ½” through 16”. They are manufactured with single or multiple driven member plates for flat or counter-bored flywheels and are application matched to a broad engine RPM range. Driven members are available in several types and matched to the clutch application. Cushion or rigid plates are offered and can be furnished with or without the spring dampener feature. Friction materials include non-asbestos organic (woven or molded), metallic and cerametallic pads. Customer design requirements dictate internal splined hub characteristics. Torque capacity ranges from 50 lb ft to 5000 lb ft.

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This mechanical over center clutch is used to disconnect the torque converter from the engine. The clutch is driven by an internally geared drive ring that is mounted directly to the engine flywheel. You can find these clutches in a variety of industrial applications, including oilfield equipment, cranes, drilling rigs, pump drives, rail equipment, rock crushers, winches and hoists.

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This over center master clutch is assembled between the engine flywheel and converter impeller wheel. When engaged, the clutch transmits engine torque to the converter input shaft and impeller wheel assembly. The primary function of the clutch is to provide an immediate disconnect between the engine and the converter. This is desirable when starting an engine letting it warm up or removing a load.

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NACD 18” clutches are available in double and triple plate configurations. Options include sealed or greaseable heavy duty ball style release bearings with either fiber or sintered iron friction material.

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